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Information is one of the most important and precious resources of an organization. In the modern world, protection of such resources becomes one of the most difficult challenges. We provide support in securing company information, trade secrets, and other secured data by implementation of internal procedures and safety policies.
The individual approach we have towards each project guarantees the best possible solution fitting a particular organization and its employees, both as a part of the company and in a dispersed manner. We choose all actions according to particular activity, size of the entity, and the owned technical infrastructure. Our goal is to have our customers fully acknowledge the solutions we offer, so that they will be able to maintain and improve the safety system on their own.
We try to implement information safety in accordance with international standards and the best practices within that scope. We prefer the process approach in order to accurately determine the areas of security measures.

We usually:

• Determine the context of the organization and the scope of its activities with regard to customers’ expectation,

• Analyse risk and business influence, and assess the potential results,
• Determine the areas of security measures and the methods for improving protection,
• Determine potential methods of securing selected areas,
• Describe the chosen method of securing – preparation of procedures and instruction,
• Implement security measures or support their implementation by IT department, administration, etc.,
• Determine critical areas that are subject to procedures of continuity of activities and elaborate business continuity plans.



We offer our customers an external certification audit performed by TUV Nord Polska. After such audit, the company is granted the mark of “Data Protected”.

We are fully aware of the tasks we perform. That is why we encourage you to learn about the possibilities and advantages resulting from TUV “Data Protected”.


For those who are not interested in having the mark of the certification unit, we offer audits and inspections performed by our company.


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