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The implementation of the compliance system allows, in particular:
1. Effective monitoring of compliance with applicable law, in particular the Act on the liability of collective entities,
2. Managing the process of reporting irregularities and fraud (so-called whistleblowing),
3. Analyzing and detecting the risk of prohibited acts in the organization,
4. Internal support of organizational units and the management board in the context of ensuring compliance with legal regulations, standards and guidelines of control bodies,
5. Prevention of financial and image losses.

Entrusting the function of Compliance Officer (Compliance Manager, Compliance Process Specialist, Compliance Management System Representative) allows organizations to effectively monitor implemented and planned processes through, among others:

• ensuring compliance with applicable law,
• identification and monitoring of risk resulting from non-compliance with adopted regulations (policies, procedures, regulations, norms),
• support and advice to risk owners in terms of compliance,
• auditing and controlling processes in the field of compliance,
• monitoring compliance with compliance policies and processes, including anti-mobbing and anti-corruption policies,
• responding to non-compliance and abuse and immediate implementation of preventive and corrective actions.


As part of entrusting the function of Compliance Office, we perform in particular:

  •  informing employees and the management board about their obligations in the field of ensuring compliance with applicable laws and internal regulations,
  • supervising compliance processes in the areas of: organizational, legal, IT, technical, physical and personal,
  • internal audits in the scope of checking compliance with compliance policies,
  • preparation of the necessary compliance system documentation, in particular policies and declarations of compliance, anti-corruption, reporting irregularities, credibility assessment procedures and ethics codes,
  • giving opinions and advice on compliance,
  • coordinating the reporting process of irregularities and whistleblower protection,
  •  coordinating the implementation of new processes in terms of ensuring compliance and risk control,
  • informing organizational managers and the management board about risks and changes in compliance obligations,
  • conducting internal training in compliance,
  • performing the role of consultant and legal advisor in the compliance cell or Compliance Management Systems.

We have a team of specialists prepared and experienced in the implementation and functioning of compliance systems in the legal, organizational and IT area. Our proprietary methods have been developed based on our team’s knowledge, professional experience, cyclical training and continuous monitoring of changes in the legal and business environment.

In our activities, we use the best practices of compliance compliance and risk management, including based on risk management standards (ISO 31000), anti-corruption management (ISO 37001), compliance management (ISO 19600) and whistleblower protection practices in collective entities.


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