We make every effort to ensure that all information processed by our company is appropriately secure. Because we put safety at the highest level, we want to constantly improve in this area. One of our activities is the implemented and certified Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001: 2017. As a company that wants to provide its customers with high-quality services and, above all, indicate the importance of the security of processed information (and not only personal data), we have set ourselves the priority of implementing and maintaining such a system. To this end, our team took an active part in the implementation – we analyzed our activities and maps of our business processes, implemented and documented the security standards we use, we analyzed the programs we use in terms of IT security, we regularly train from the largest security authorities data. We strive to implement information security in all aspects of our business, from the first contact. As part of the system, we have already implemented several new tools that have allowed us not only to minimize the risk of an incident, but also to optimize our work.


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