Our services

Forensic IT relies on securing the company's digital evidence for any court proceedings.

Data security and analysis are carried out using specialized software and evidence security tools. For data security we use binary duplicators and write-protectors, including reputable companies, ie Table.

Analyzes are made on the basis of made copies of binary media or data obtained from operating systems called. "Live forensic".

Analysis and security is carried out by a forensic investigator.

Our business scope includes:

  • Making binary copies of media,
  • Making binary copies of operating systems,
  • Data security for court investigations (checksums),
  • Analysis of the collected material under the account:

    • Study of computers and mobile devices,
    • Data search,
    • Recover deleted data,
    • Isolation and analysis of electronic evidence,
    • Search and analysis of system and web artifacts,
    • Analysis of system logs and user activity.
  • Making reports.


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