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Compliance with the act on the protection of personal data constitutes an obligation of every company that processes personal data (even to a minimum extent, e.g. data on employees).We support entities to comply with this obligation by:

  • auditing the stage of personal data processing in the organization,
  • Preparing necessary documentation, including such as, i.a. Safety Policy, Instruction for managing the IT system, Register of personal data, register of persons authorized to process personal data,
  • Preparing necessary contractual clauses, entrustment agreements, texts of consent to data processing, declarations on confidentiality, etc.,
  • Recommendations within the scope of adopted security measures, including physical, organizational, and IT,
  • Training of employees concerning principles of proper personal data processing.

Each organization is different. That is why we always individually select documentation and proposed security measures for a particular activity, size of the organization, and the owned technical infrastructure. Our employees may also provide constant supervision over personal data processing as Information Safety Administrators.
We offer our customers the service of our employees as Information Safety Administrators or periodic inspections of the accuracy of personal data processing for Data Administrators.
We adjust all actions to particular activity, size of the entity, and the owned technical infrastructure. Our goal is to have our customers fully acknowledge the solutions we offer, so that they will be able to maintain and improve the safety system on their own.

We offer our customers an external certification audit performed by TUV Nord Polska. After such audit, the company is granted the mark of “Data Protected”.
We are fully aware of the tasks we perform. That is why we encourage you to learn about the possibilities and advantages resulting from TUV “Data Protected”.

For those who are not interested in having the mark of the certification unit, we offer audits and inspections performed by our company.


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