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Entrusting the Data Protection Officer (DPO) gives the company the opportunity to use the complex potential of our company team (DPO support team), which includes specialists in information security, auditors, trainers and IT specialists, investigative IT and IT security.

As part of entrusting the function of the Data Protection Officer, we perform the tasks provided for in the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the new EU Data Protection Regulation effective as of May 2018 (GDPR)

  • Supervising and checking the processing of personal data and security,
  • Keeping records of personal data protection,
  • Coordination of the risk analysis process,
  • Informing the company management and employees who process personal data about the obligations incumbent upon them under the law on the protection of personal data and advise them in this matter,
  • Monitoring compliance with data protection regulations and internal company regulations, including division of duties, awareness raising activities,
  • Training of personnel involved in processing operations,
  • Providing on-demand recommendations for the assessment of the consequences for data protection and monitoring its implementation,
  • Cooperation with the Supervisory Body (Office for Personal Data Protection / General Inspector for Personal Data Protection),
    Performing the function of a contact point.


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