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Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a service that is necessary in all those areas, in which there must be no intervals in operation, delivery chains, or provision of services.
The approach we use to the method of managing business continuity includes the nature of the organization, criticality of processes, and customers’ requirements.
Our activities concerning customer support in relation to establishing a Business Continuity System are based on ISO 22301:2012 and are connected with preparing the organization for identification of critical points and business influence (BIA), creating business continuity plans, and, finally, testing such plans. Our goal is to have our customers fully acknowledge the solutions we offer, so that they will be able to maintain and improve the safety system on their own in future.
Our company thoroughly deals with adjusting and preparing entities to implement the Business Continuity System by conducting activities in the area of:

  • Process analysis,
  • Analysis of business requirements, expectations, and BIA
  • Determination of critical infrastructure
  • Risk analysis and risk management plan, reparation of documentation, operating procedures, business continuity and restoration plans,
  • Internal audits and support during plan testing,
  • Consultancy


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