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Our core business is to improve information security and IT security. We help company to private and public entities to perform a risk analysis, to fulfill and implement a security policy, to introduce protection of business secrets or specific requirements such as the Law on Information Technology Public Entities and National Interoperability Framework. We are also adapting to the requirements of the entities of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.

We also have considerable experience in conducting training in the area of our business.



professional experience (years)

more than 141

number of completed projects

more than 117

number of completed trainings

more than 139

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We conduct internal audits checking the compliance with provisions of law and internal regulations of the company, dedicated audits for the banking sector concerning compliance with Recommendation D and M of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), specialist ICT audits in order to identify weaknesses and threats, as well as ICT potential and identification of the source of problems.
Thanks to our own experienced IT staff, we are able to perform penetration tests of the ICT environment, as well as socio-technical audits.

As the Information Safety Administrators, we offer you external inspections for Personal Data Administrators.

We encourage you to check our qualifications and experience within the scope of audits and inspections.

Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer /Security Officer

(Information Saferty Administrator)

A company may achieve the best results for their proper processing of personal data by entrusting the function of the Data Protection Officer to an external specialist.

As the Data Protection Officer in our customer's company, we:

• Conduct periodic inspections of personal data processing
• Supervise documentation
• Train employees
• Supervise data processing
• Prepare necessary clauses and texts for agreements with external companies
• Review documents and applications concerning personal data
• Monitor the functioning personal data security
• Handle with correspondence with GIODO
• Submit and update data sets in GIODO
• Perform other tasks related to safety of information in the company, after their scope is agreed on with the management of the company (e.g. internal audits, implementation of safety standards, etc.)

The detailed scope of work of the Data Protection Officer has been specified in the Act on the protection of personal data and in Regulations of the Minister of Administration and Digitization.
NOTE: according to the act on the protection of personal data, the Data Protection Officer must be a natural person, that is why a particular employee of N-serwis is selected as the Information Safety Administrator to comprehensively provide services for a particular company. Currently, we have been appointed and submitted to the register of the General Inspector of Personal Data (GIODO) in over ten entities, including private entities, cooperatives, banks, public entities, and medical entities.

Professional IT Services

Support Informatics / IT Consulting


We provide professional services to implement and maintain systems. Thanks to our competence in the field of IT as a few people are able to own resources to perform ICT audits and penetration tests that require deep knowledge in the field of computer science.

Very often the result of previous consultation activities or audit entities are helping implement the recommendations in the ICT onbszarze

We also provide support services company in the field of ICT. We approach each client individually, taking into account the specificity and existing infrastructure, so any cooperation or modernization start with an audit of infrastructure and resources so as to best determine the needs of the customer and competence of our employees.


Our expertise and past experience enable us to provide services in the field of servers, services and systems:

  • Windows Server,
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Servers: MS SQL Server / Exchange Server / Sharepoint / Office365,
  • ICT networks
  • Linux systems and services,
  • Network devices, routers, UTM devices,
  • User support, monitoring systems (helpdesk, monitoring).


Partner SUSE Linux Novell Silver Partner  Microsoft Partner Microsoft SBS Specialist Dell partner direct Partner Axence


Currently, our company supports several entities located in the Upper Silesia and Krakow area.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our expertise in the area of ​​ICT.



Certified Linux Professional - Novell

Certified Linux Professional - Novell


Personal information at the general meeting - Training for units of Cooperatives

Personal information at the general meeting and annual check processing of personal data


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Experience and qualifications

Our company has been conducting business activity in the market of ICT and ICT services since 1999. Since 2008, we have started gaining skills and experience in the field of information safety and implementation of related legal requirements.
Nowadays, after fifteen years of experience, we have a specialized team with wide knowledge gained through university degrees, post-graduate studies, training, and certificates.


We encourage you to check the full list of the qualifications of our employees.

Below, you will find a map on which we have marked customers with whom we have implemented projects in Poland.


About the company

Our company has been operating since 1999(since 2014 as limited liability company, Sp. z o.o.). Initially it was a servicing and IT service company. Since 2008, we have been specializing in safety of information and ICT systems, achieving greater and greater experience and proficiency in this field.

We are a small, but companionate team of enthusiasts who are complementary in terms of skills and experience, so we are able to provide comprehensive service in the whole range of tasks and projects concerning "security IT" and "IT management".
We invite you to check our full offer, our qualifications, and the customers we have been working with so far.
Additionally, since 2005, we have had the opportunity to cooperate as subcontractors of the leading IT companies in Poland in implementation of projects for entities such as Bank Zachodni WBK S.A., ING Bank Śląski S.A., Elavon Financial Service, eService, and other leading financial entities in Poland.

Charity work

We invite you to follow us in social media.



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